It is very important for you to select a counselor whose approach and personality will fit your needs. Examine the quality of service he/she provides (professionalism, honesty, qualification) as well as your feelings the sessions bring about. Do you think that the therapist cares, respects your privacy, and capable? Do you feel comfortable working with this person? If you are not completely satisfied, give your therapist feedbacks and see if it changes anything.
Each case is unique and different. Some cases may only need a couple of sessions whereas others may take much longer. It depends on what your needs and goals are, and how committed you are to the process.
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I recommend you to read a NBCC article on this topic.
Fees are $80-$120 per session. Please note that reduced fees can be detmined on a sliding scale based on your income. Feel free to discuss this option. I will provide a monthly statement to anybody who wishes to submit a claim to his/er insurance provider for reimbursent.
You can call me at 240-354-5575 or E-mail me to If I am not available, please leave your name, phone number, and good time to call you. Do not hesitate to include any additional questions (no confidential information, please) you have about my practice. I will generally return your call or E-mail within 24 hours.
You can get referrals from the local counseling center, doctors, hotlines, hospitals, and websites including
National Board for Certified Counselors Counselor Find
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Phone: 240-354-5575